Pastizzi - A Maltese Snack


If you find yourself on the beautiful island of Malta just off the coast of Italy you have to try the  pastizz.  A traditional Maltese pastry made of phyllo dough and filled with ricotta or mushy peas (my personal favorite).  You can also find this street food filled with a variety of things from anchovies, chicken, beef, three cheese blend, and Nutella for a desert version.

A single pastizz was about $ .30. They fit neatly into your hand so you are sure to be full for under $1. There are several places to sample these tasty treats but if experience says anything, go for the hole-in-the-wall, local spot you may otherwise pass by. 


Pair pastizzi with a Kinnie. A soda like beverage made from bitter orange.  Bitter Orange, you say…if you’ve ever had a Manhattan cocktail you’ll be familiar with the taste but a Kinnie is minus the whiskey and sweet vermouth leaving a taste that is no doubt acquired.  Not my favorite but also a must try while in Malta. 


Miles MillasComment