Dear New York:


“New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you…”

~Alicia Keys

New York City, a place where you literally can do anything you want. Seriously…anything.  I accepted your challenge when I supported Hernan in changing jobs that would move us once again. 

What did that mean for me?  I was a woman at a crossroads in life and looking for something new to do.  It meant I needed to get to figuring it out...quickly.  But hey, I was moving to the greatest city in the world. I could do anything I wanted.

Becoming a part of the New York work force was like merging into traffic on the Audubon.  Everyone moving 100 mph, focused only on what’s in front of them.  How was I going to merge without getting run over when I moved at 40 mph with a slow ascent? I needed to empty my trunk of past failures and insecurities FAST.  For 3 years I drove along several paths some filled with 12 hour work days and 7 day work weeks and others with much shorter days and part time weeks. 

In NYC, where there is a need, there are more than enough people trying to fill that need.   You need an apartment? There are 30,000 realtors to assist you.  You work long hours and Fido gets cabin fever? There are over 25,000 dog walkers.  On your way home from a late night you remember you need vegetables for breakfast but know you won’t be in any shape to leave your apartment to get them in the morning, the produce stand on the corner is still open. To be honest, I don’t know if they ever close because no matter what time I drag myself in they are always there and with fresh produce. 

Every whimsical need has a job-related solution and there is no shortage of people competing to not only fill that need but make 6 figures doing it.  So, whatever you choose, it better be something you at the very least enjoy doing more days than not because to be successful you’ll need to bust your ass. 

Over the next three years, my patience, intelligence and compassion would be tested.  My pride would be hurt and my ego bruised.  I’d be stolen from and cheated. But I’ve also been encouraged, supported, and rewarded. 

I have to say, I enjoyed many more days than not and enjoyed sparring with you NY. I am thankful to have been under your tutelage. 

"If you can make it here…you can make it anywhere….”  ~Frank Sinatra

I may not have become the next E.L. James, Frederick Ecklund or Cesar Milan but that’s them and I’m me. Thank you New York for guiding me with the tough love I needed. For now, my path is leading me away from you, but in full disclosure...I’m not sad about that.